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TETEC Tissue Engineering Technologies AG
Aspenhaustr. 18
72770 Reutlingen

Tel. 07121-1626 0
Fax 07121-1626 199


New chances through regenerative medicine

The healing through the body's own tissue replacement gives millions of patients the chance of successful treatment of cartilage damage. TETEC develops this innovative technology with an expert team of scientists and specialists.

NOVOCART® products secure your therapeutic success

TETEC set a milestone with the products NOVOCART® 3D, NOVOCART® Inject and NOVOCART® Disc in biotechnology.


Expert information for physicians

With autologous cartilage cell transplanting (ACT) can full-layer defects in joint cartilage be permanently recovered with hyaline-like cartilage, using the body’s own cells. more

Information for patients

The number of cartilage damage increases more and more from accidents, sports injuries and strains. A cartilage cell transplant can reconstruct the damaged tissue and also bring back a new quality of life. more