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Quality is our business

TETEC was founded as a limited liability company (in Germany, “GmbH”) in 2000 – the year that heralded the advent of the biotech age.  The “TE” stands for Tissue Engineering, an activity which involves the body’s own tissue as a replacement for healing purposes. “TEC” stands for the innovative technologies through which we fulfill our ambition to achieve maximum product quality and safety, combined with pioneering quality criteria.

With NOVOCART® 3D,  NOVOCART® Inject and NOVOCART® Disc, we set new benchmarks in the biotechnology industry. Others are sure to follow, as our interdisciplinary research team of renowned scientists and consultants continues its work to develop new procedures for the treatment of complex damage and diseases affecting the human skeletal and locomotor systems.

TETEC is led by specialists drawn from a wide range of disciplines who bring with them in-depth knowledge of cellular and molecular biological science, coupled with pharmacological expertise. A subsidiary of B. Braun/Aesculap, we guarantee you an outstanding distribution network and work actively to share our knowledge with you through professional user training and support.